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Summer trends 2021

Desire to wear fresher and more cheerful

clothes is universal.

This new season is loaded with basics,

but also with micro-trends that the

fashion industry launches.

The idea of shining only at night is over,

start taking your sequins out for a meal or

just to go to the office. Sequins shine

brighter in sunlight.

The jean dyed white

You can store your blue jeans away waiting

for next fall because this summer you are

going to need white, high-waisted,

cropped pants.


Not just for festive ‘looks’. You can now

wear them under a jacket for work or

combine them with cycling tights for a

more casual style.

Tight dresses

This summer the dresses leave nothing to

the imagination. They are tight fitting and

hug the body contour. In super striking

colors, you are going to make many heads


Pearls are back

Ask your mother if you can borrow her

pearls, because this classic accessory is all

you need to give a perfect finish to your


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