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How to make money with your blog

Many people who start in this world end up throwing

in the towel, because they do not have a strategy in

place, it is not constant, or they do not have visitors ...

so they end up getting discouraged and end up returning

to their routine, leaving their dreams behind.

But today I want to share with you 3 ways to earn

money with your blog , so that you can be inspired

and go all out with your professional blog.

Selling a physical product

If you have an online store where

you sell a product (whatever the

product is) you have to create a

blog. A blog helps create traffic to

your store automatically, and is a

way to connect more with your

audience, providing extra content

about fashion, beauty, travel or

whatever is related to the product

you sell.

If you look at the big brands, they

all have a Blog section on their


Creating a Workshop

The workshops are becoming very

popular in the blogger world because it

allows you to earn money by giving a class

on the subject you master. Workshops are

classes that are held live and your

audience pays X money to see that

“private” class. It is done live so that your

audience can ask you questions live at the

end of your class.

You can sell the Workshops for $30, $50,

$100 for each attendee who signs up!

The operation of the Workshop is as


You offer them a live class, solving a

problem that your audience has. For

instance; If your blog is about travel, and

your audience wants to know how to find

cheap flights, you can do a Workshop

explaining how you find cheap flights.

You choose a day and time to do the class,

and you share it with your audience. You

can also make a questionnaire to see what

is the best time and day for them.

You send them an email, or share the page

where they have to subscribe to access

your class.

Prepare a fantastic class for your

audience to learn, solve a problem they

have and leave happy. So surely when you

return to offer another class ... will pay

again for sure!

Creating an online course

Imagine that your audience

goes to your blog because

they want to learn to cook, or

to dress better, or they want to

learn to make green smoothies,

or they want to learn to

create a handmade bag etc.


You can create a step-by-step

course teaching your

audience to do what you know

how to do and they are dying

to learn! One way to know

what your audience wants to

learn from you is simply by


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