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Keys to care for skin in summer

As we approach summer and temperatures

rise, we will be more exposed to the sun's rays.

1. Use sunscreen and don't forget your lips

Sunscreen is essential, especially at this time

of year for protection against the sun.

Sunscreen is not just for children. The Skin

Cancer Foundation recommends a sunscreen

with a SPF of at least 15.

2. Hydration is key

The body loses much more water in summer

than at other times of the year due to heat

and humidity. It is important that you drink a

lot, especially water. This will also help your

skin look smooth and hydrated.

3. Buy yourself a big hat

I know we love to use our favorite team’s cap,

but unfortunately it is not the best solution to

protect us from the sun. Tightly woven hats

with at least a three inch brim is

recommended by the Skin Cancer


4- Shave consciously

Before shaving you have to prepare the skin,

either with an oil or cream to soften the skin

or with warm water compresses. It is essential

to buy a quality razor and make sure that the

blade is in optimal condition. After shaving, it

is recommended to use a moisturizing cream.

5- Always wear your sunglasses

You may have to invest some money. Your

eyes and your skin will thank you. The Skin

Cancer Foundation recommends wearing

glasses that block both UVA and UVB rays.

Don't forget that UV radiation can cause

cataracts, as well as irritate and even burn the



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