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Homemade And Natural Eyelash Mascara

Mascara is one of the most popular

cosmetics in our daily lives, and it

could also be one of the most

expensive. It contains potentially

harmful ingredients that hang

around for decades in the

environment, according to a study

published in the journal

Environmental Science &

Technology Letters.

Today we bring you some tips on

how to make your own mascara

from home which is 100% natural.


Ingredients To Make Your

Homemade Charcoal Mascara

2 - 3 capsules of activated charcoal

(depending on desired amount

Distilled water

Virgin beeswax: a ball or 2

tablespoons of beeswax

Almond oil or coconut oil: 2

tablespoons of whichever you


Aloe vera: 2 tablespoons

1 container to place the homemade


1 eyelash brush like the one we find

in commercial mascara.

Method To Make Eyelash Mascara

With Aloe Vera

The first step is to grind the piece of

charcoal until there are no lumps.

Set aside.

Mix a large spoon of distilled water,

two of virgin wax and two of almond

or coconut oil) and cook them in a

water bath to achieve a smooth and

homogeneous mixture. It is

important not to boil the mixture, so

care must be taken to keep it at a

regular temperature of about 70 C

to 90 C.

When the mixture reaches the

desired hot temperature, remove it

from the heat.

Add two tablespoons of aloe vera

and two of the crushed charcoal to

the mixture.

Mix, wait for it to cool down, and put

it in a container for your homemade


The natural ingredients will

undoubtedly benefit your lashes but

the lack of preservatives will affect

its shelf life, so it will not last as long

and can be damaged more easily.

For this reason we recommend

keeping it in the fridge to

prevent bacteria from building up

over time.

There are other ways to highlight

your eyelashes naturally.

If you are lucky enough to have long

eyelashes and you don't want to use

mascara to apply color, you can try

this easy option: use only a little

coconut oil, apply and comb with a

brush. Coconut helps with the

growth and strengthening of



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