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Habits to Improve Your Life in 2021

Discover one new thing a month.

Drop all expectations and just discover

something new each month. Learning

something new helps to keep your brain

active in creating connections.

Exercise for one minute when you wake up.

One single minute. Nothing more. Even in your

busy life, you can find the time for that, right?

A full-fledged workout is not necessary, just a

few simple exercises. for example do 30 sit

ups and 30 seconds for planking. Exercising

first thing in the morning gets the blood

flowing and gets you out of the morning fog

you could be experiencing. If you prefer a full

workout in the morning, go ahead with it.

Throw things away.

If you’ve never consciously made an effort to

throw something you had kept “because it

could be useful”, then try it today. It’s liberating

Stand up every hour.

Tiny habits should be “easier” to set. Yet, this

one’s so hard to remember because we

haven’t done it most of our lives. We stay

sitting for hours.

Turn off notifications.

Start for an hour a day. If you can last longer,

do it.

It takes about 25 minutes to regain your

focus, even if you only look at a notification

for a second. Erase those for an hour and

you’ll be able to accomplish a lot more.

Watch the news less.

Chances are you’ve already started doing it in

2020 to avoid the bad news of this year. If not,

start today. No matter how curious you are,

you don’t need to watch the news 3 times a


Take care of your posture.

A bad posture has a lot of repercussions in

the long run.


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