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Gray transition Hacks and Hints

Are you ready to free your gray hair?

Here are some tips for the 'gray


Not only are grays beautiful, they are now

in fashion!

Here are some ideas to transition to gray,

in any shade, and in the most natural,

healthy and attractive way possible.

1-Cut your hair

Part of keeping your hair healthy requires

that it be trimmed regularly, but when it

comes to growing your hair out, getting a

good haircut also serves the purpose of

cutting through the old color.

Disguise with a coloured rinse.

Even with the lighter color, and shorter

hair, as your gray grows out, it will still be

visible. Natural sunlight or bright lighting

will make the gray hair more noticeable. If

you prefer to camouflage the new growth

a bit more, you can temporarily hide it by

using a non-permanent rinse of hair color

or spray.

2-Add highlights to your hair

Another way to make the process of

transitioning to gray hair easier is to add

highlights or lowlights to your hair. You

can start with stronger lights and

gradually reduce the contrast so your

own gray comes into play.

No matter what approach you take to

grow out your gray, you will need to be

patient. During the process, you will

surely receive comments from family

and friends. Some will think "It's great!"

While others may say things, "You

are too young to go gray.”

The transition time will help you

readjust to the change and give you

time to discover new make up in colors

that complement your new look.

Why does the grey hair turn yellow?

Environmental reasons could include:

Shampoo residues

Over-processed hair product chemicals

Natural oils on the scalp

Mineral deposits from the water

entering the shower

Discoloration from smoke

Pollutants in the air, including smog and

car exhaust, chlorine from a swimming pool.

One solution is change shampoos. There

are blue and purple shampoos available

that can neutralizes yellow tones and

keeps hair white. Avoid shampoos with

yellow tones.


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